[texhax] Help on inverse trigonometric function

Ivan Ivanov rambiusparkisanius at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 11:10:53 CET 2003

Dear List,

I am fairly new to Tex/Latex and I have some
questions. I need to write frequently the inverse
trigonomteric functions as \arcsin, \arccos, \arctan,

Now when I use \arctan command, it outputs arctan. How
can I predifine it so that it outputs arctg instead of

I also want to write the inverse of cotan function and
I have not found a suitable command. Is there such a
command or should I create it myself and if I have to,
how can I do this? I want it to output arccotg.

Of course I know of \renewcommand and I created some
command of mine, but they are not used in math mode. I
find difficulties how to create commands used in math

I would be very grateful if you give me some advice or
point me to some resources about the inverse
trigonometric functions. Thank you very much in

Regards Ivan Ivanov

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