[texhax] conversion problem

Tom Schneider toms at strawberry.ncifcrf.gov
Tue Nov 4 04:11:53 CET 2003

Crystal Barnes:

> 	I am under the impression I am able to convert a Tex file to a Word
> file. The problem is how do I do this? A file was sent to me by e-mail in a
> Tex program that I believe is Tex 3. It has converted to Tex 4 but it will
> not typeset because of the older version typing process. Is there a way I
> can convert this to Word without changing the entire file to make it
> typeset?

I'm not sure about TeX, but see the links at


for detex (which will lead you to tug.org), latex2rtf and Chikrii
Softlab.  I use latex2rtf to get rtf and then read it into
OpenOffice.org (www.OpenOffice.org) from which you could create your
disk-gobbling wordy format.  You could also abandon wordy and stay in
OpenOffice.org: it provides xml-based FREE word processing!


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