[texhax] verbatim font is too large

Karl R. Wurst wurst at cse.uconn.edu
Sun Nov 2 14:45:38 CET 2003


Get the fancyvrb package from CTAN and start your verbatim section with 
something like this:


At 05:30 AM 11/2/2003, Andrew Marlow wrote:
>I am writing a report where the appendix consists mainly of program
>listings, which I am doing using the verbatim environment. However I find
>that the verbatim font is too large. It makes the report enormous. There
>MUST be a way to go down to 7 point (say) to make the listing more
>managable. Any ideas? I tried looking it up in the LaTeX companion but it
>was no help.
>Andrew Marlow
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