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David Vannucci d.vannucci at ee.wits.ac.za
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Also look at TtH, "TTH translates TEX, the predominant mark-up language for
expressing mathematics, into HTML". I have used it and found it to be


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>  >On Thu, 29 May 2003 08:57:09 -0400, Christopher W Ryan wrote:
> > I want to try composing webpages with latex.  I am running MikTeX, a
> > version, on Windows98.  I found and installed (I think) the latex2html
> > off the web via MikTeX Options.  I now have some .sty files that seem to
> <snip>
> > Can anyone tell me an easy way to generate html pages from LaTeX
> I use hyperlatex, and am quite happy with it.  It is not a general
> purpose converter, like latex2html, but if you stick to the templates,
> it works great, and does a much better job.
> http://www.cs.uu.nl/~otfried/Hyperlatex/
> You can get some alternate templates and useful hacks I've made at
> http://top.gso.uri.edu/dods.html
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