[texhax] opentype and latex

Wolfgang Plaschg wpl at gmx.net
Wed Jun 11 12:08:32 CEST 2003


i'm wondering if it is possible to use opentype-fonts
with latex...

adobe provides the minion font at various optical
sizes, but only as opentype. it would be nice if
i could use all optical sizes in latex.

i managed to convert opentype to type1 (by simply
skipping all gylphs beyond 0xFF) but i want to use
all these beautiful smallcaps, osf and ligatures

that means:
- extract a standard enconding pfb from the otf
  (which is simple)

- rearrage the glyphs to produce a expert-file for
  the same font (which is complex).

- let fontinst do the rest...

do you know a handy solution for what i'm

thanks in advance,

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