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Thanks for all the reactions and excuse me for my slow reply. I opted for 
the solution below, as it seems to be the most adaptable for future changes. 
Thanks a lot however!

-- Ot

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>Subject: Re: \cite in footnote Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 13:00:13 +0000
> > I have a question regarding \cite and \bibliographystyle. Dutch legal
> > articles have to cite like this:
> >
> > This is a citation.\footnote{Author year, p. 34.}
> >
> > \cite, however, places the citation in the body of the text. Of course I 
> > always use \footnote to put the cite in a footnote, but I thought it 
> > be cleaner to let \cite do the work.
>what's wrong with
>   \newcommand{\fcite}[1]{\footnote{\cite{#1}}}
>(or something slightly more complicated if you need the optional
>argument to \cite)
> > However, all customized bibliographystyles I know (and can be made by
> > makebst) cite in the body.
>the way \cite (and friends) appears is nothing to do with the
>bibliography style -- that merely provides the text that the citation
>is made up from.
>the jurabib bundle is designed to support german lawyers' citation
>style; it may be worth investigating whether it does what you need.
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