[texhax] TeXLive 2003 installation Question

doug waud douglas.waud at umassmed.edu
Fri Dec 19 15:24:39 CET 2003


Tyler Hayes wrote:

> Whenever I want to use the NEW version of teTeX (3.5.2), I always have
> to write the line (see page 10 of the TexLive manual):
>  >> PATH=/usr/local/texlive2003/bin/i386-linux:$PATH; export PATH
> So everytime I exit, I have rewrite this, even if I don't exit but I
> switch directories I have to do it again. Have I done something wrong in
> the Installation????

I believe this is a Linux issue, not a TeX issue. Try putting that line
in your .profile file in your home directory. This file is read each
time you start up and so saves you the trouble of entering that line
each time. I am using SuSE so I do not know whether Red Hat has another
file for this purpose; you would have to read the RH manual for that,
but .profile would be where I would start on a trial and error basis. If
that does not work, I would try .bashrc (or the rc file for whatever
shell you use). Hope this helps.

> To make matters worse, Kile (my editor/frontend of choice) NEVER seems
> to want to use this. Is this a "Kile" issue, or is it likely a result of
> my bungled installation?

I have no experience with Kile but I would look to see if there is a
.kilerc file (but would not even try that before I got the
.profile/.bashrc route working since that may kill both birds). 

> The University of Western Ontario
> London, Ontario

Where/what is that?  (Just kidding, I was born in London and graduated
from UMO  :-)  )

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Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology, U Mass Med Sch
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