[texhax] Using color.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 13 15:01:12 CET 2003

Hi Pierre,

I'm afraid I do not have anything definitive to offer.  Here's what
comes to mind:

1) do you have the "red&white" book, or whatever color Adobe printed the
   latest PS manual in?  I am not terribly surprised that color stuff in
   the original red book no longer applies.

2) the Ghostscript maintainers could presumably offer some advice, at
   least in regards Ghostscript.  bug-gs at ghostscript.com.

3) There are some color packages on CTAN.  I don't know if they are
   doing anything different than you are doing (I doubt it), but perhaps
   they are worth a look.  For instance:
colorsep - old package from Sebastian, seems to exist in TL only:

xcolor - new package from Uwe Kern

I know you don't want to use LaTeX, but maybe whatever it does with
\special would be interesting to see.  Or maybe not.  Just wildly
hypothesizing ...

Sorry I can't really help.


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