[texhax] Generation of missing fonts

buls at lanet.lv buls at lanet.lv
Fri Dec 12 18:35:39 CET 2003

I have problems with generation of missing fonts.
I have package: TS272_.ZIP from ftp.dante.de
I work with TexShell:
In the Print file-Dialog I select the printer. I press OK!
On the screen appears:
do you want to call MF job to generate 32 missing fonts now?
I type Y(es).
On the screen appears: If this isn't done automatically, call
mf job C:\Tehshell\Tehshell.HFJ
On the screen appears: I can't find the PLAIN base file.
What must I do now?

Thank you.
J. Buls 
buls at fmf.lu.lv

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