[texhax] continuous figure and table numbering

Martin Wegmann mailinglist2_wegmann at web.de
Fri Dec 12 16:49:19 CET 2003

Thanks all for their replies,  
I sucessfully changed my numbering system now (http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/
And next time I will, beside the web-search, have a look at the FAQ. 
regards Martin 
> all my figures and tables are named/numbered after my chapter (1.2, 
> 1.3, ....2.1, 2.2....), but I would like to have a continuous 
> numbering like 
> fig. 1 for the first figure in my document, fig. 2 for the second 
> (unimportant in which chapter they appear). 
> and refering to them like 
> ...blabla as seen in \ref{fig:myfirstfigure}. 
> \begin{...} 
> ... 
> \label{fig:myfirstfigure} 
> .. 
> \end... 
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