[texhax] just a question

Pierre MacKay mackay at cs.washington.edu
Sun Dec 7 20:05:47 CET 2003

Part of the answer was:

> Copy the *.tex file to a hard drive first. (La)TeX *must* be able to write
> to the directory in which the *.tex file to be processed resides.

Is this really true?  or is it a problem unique to windows. On Linux I regularly
run archived TeX files from a CD because there is no reason why the
TeX source file should not be read-only.  But the directory/folder in which
I work must be writable.  A link to the read only file gets around the
default behaviour of TeX that it wishes to write to the same directory/folder
as the source file.  But maybe WinXP notions of linking are still too primitive
for that

Pierre MacKay

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