[texhax] \tableofcontents and section numbering

Jan Eden lists at jan-eden.de
Mon Dec 1 09:40:09 CET 2003

Sorry, misspelled:


The \addcontentsline command adds an entry to the specified list or table where...
    €   file is the extension of the file on which information is to be written: toc (table of contents), lof (list of figures), or lot (list of tables).
    €   sec_unit controls the formatting of the entry. It should be one of the following, depending upon the value of the file argument:
     1.     toc - the name of the sectional unit, such as part or subsection.
     2.     lof - figure
     3.     lot - table
    €   entry is the text of the entry.

Forgot the "s" in the command and the obligatory arguments.



Jan Eden wrote:

>should work.
>Leonardo Giantini Trabuco wrote:
>>Dear list,
>>When I use \section*{Whatever}, that section does not appear in
>>\tableofcontents, but I want it to be there. What can I do?
>>I'm trying to do something like this
>>The only problem is that my section keeps the indentation. How can I set
>>the indentation to 0pt in this case?
>>Thanks in advance,
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