ALternate images in a PDF file

Joel Coltoff joel at
Wed Feb 27 10:10:24 CET 2002


I think I know what I want. I'm just not sure if it can be done
or how to get there if it can. What I want to do is have two versions
of each image in a file. If the printer is color capable then I
want to use image A. If not then use image B. Sound simple enough.
I can even do it in postscript. The problem is that when you distill
it the black and white stuff gets thrown away. I've not used pdftex
but as best as I can tell it supports the alternate image capabilities
of PDF. Does this give me what I want/need? All I've gotten so far is
the PDFTeX User Manual. Is there something else that shows some examples
of how to do this? A gentle nudge down the correct path would be greatly


Joel Coltoff

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