TeXhax Digest, Vol 1999 #13 - 9 msgs

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert at hsc.kuniv.edu.kw
Sat Jun 3 09:44:53 CEST 2000

> Subject: Plain text from LaTeX
> We have a demand to word-count LaTeX documents.
> Does anyone have or know of either a program to count the word in a latex
> document or (even better) a program to extract a plain text representation
> from a dvi file?

What I do in such a situation is to use the wordcount function of my textprocessor,
and then count all \ separately, as they start TeX commands. Subtracting the latter from the former gives a rough guestimate of the No of words in the text. For most intents and purposes this should be good enough.

> Subject: Roman type Greek letters
> Could anyone tell whether it's possible
> to make Greek letters look like Roman type

The normal Greek characters in TeX are in italic, as they are intended mainly for
maths. If you want to typeset Greek text you need a special font. This is available
in the font directory at CTAN.

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