[texdoc] ctable

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Mon Apr 22 18:38:49 CEST 2019

Le 23/04/19 à 00h45, Takuto ASAKURA a écrit :

> Hi Denis,

Hi Takuto,

> well, with standard setting,
> 	$ texdoc ctable
> should pop-up the first item (in this case "ctable.pdf") without a message
> nor an interaction.

Indeed, sorry, my `$HOME/.aliases' contains:

  │ alias texdoc='texdoc -l'

Your comment below makes me realize that `mode=showall' in my
`texdoc.cnf' would be better: thanks!

> 	$ texdoc -l ctable
> will return the result, which you reported. (if a line "mode=list" or
> "mode=showall" is in your configure file, it is not the case)
> So, that kind of "list" results are somehow for "advanced" purposes/users.
> Yes indeed, the 3rd to 31st documents seem almost meaningless, I agree,
> but showing those in the "list" result is fine, I think.

IMHO, even for "advanced" purposes/users, it is not useful that much but
not a big deal :)


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