[texdoc] texdoc problem

John Harper harper at msor.vuw.ac.nz
Mon Sep 25 23:15:14 CEST 2017

Texdoc appears to exist on my system but it doesn't want to give the
documentation about texdoc that it says is available. Evidence:

cayley[~/Jfh] % texdoc
Usage: texdoc [OPTION]... NAME...
   or:  texdoc ACTION

Try to find appropriate TeX documentation for the specified NAME(s).
Alternatively, perform the given ACTION and exit.

Current settings: --view, --interact (default).

   -w, --view            Use view mode: start a viewer. (default)
   -m, --mixed           Use mixed mode (view or list).
   -l, --list            Use list mode: show a list of results.
   -s, --showall         Use showall mode: show also "bad" results.

   -i, --interact        Use interactive menus. (default)
   -I, --nointeract      Use plain lists, no interaction required.
   -M, --machine         Machine-readable output for lists (implies -I).

   -q, --quiet           Suppress warnings and most error messages.
   -v, --verbose         Print additional information (eg, viewer command).
   -d, --debug[=list]    Activate debug output (restricted to list).

and texdoc_* of each.

Files: <texmf>/texdoc/texdoc.cnf, see output of the --files option.
Full manual available via `texdoc texdoc'.

Please report bugs to <texdoc at tug.org>.

cayley[~/Jfh] % texdoc texdoc
Sorry, no documentation found for texdoc.
If you are unsure about the name, try searching CTAN's TeX catalogue at
cayley[~/Jfh] %

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