[texdoc] texdoc vntex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 17 00:08:22 CET 2010

Off-topic for texdoc, but FYI anyway: Heiko has been looking for
volunteers to do a substantial revision of the hyperref documentation
"forever".  One person (Paul Norman) recently came forward, though any
ETA on fruition is unknown.

    Do not ever rely on a developer's idea of documentation or software
    usability :).

Based on what I've seen of Heiko's documentation of his own packages, I
think he is well above average as a documentor (as well as an
implementor, I'm sure we can all agree :).  Hyperref doc is a special
case, which he inherited.

I actually think there are a lot of developers who are also perfectly
capable documentors and "users".  Of course there are plenty who are
not, too :).


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