[texdoc] Bug#561785: texlive-base: texdoc does not use standard pdf-viewer defined in KDE

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Sun Dec 20 23:38:48 CET 2009

Hi Norbert, hi all,

Norbert Preining a écrit :
> here is a bug report from Debian that suggests something regarding
> viewer selection. Can you please comment on it?

>> When calling texdoc PACKAGENAME in KDE, the pdf description of the package
>> is actually opened with GIMP, instead of using the KDE system-wide setting
>> for the default pdf viewer, e.g. okular.
It was already reported upstream, so I "fixed" it by putting gnome-open
etc at the end of the list in a later texdoc version. This should make
the viewer selection no worse than it was before I added those, but
won't recognize kde/gnome/whatever properly.

However, see below.

>> Selecting the pdf-viewer based on the existence of eg. gnome-open in
>> the path is incorrect since being in a KDE session still gnome-open
>> might be found in the path. It would be better to base the selection
>> instead on some environment variables. KDE provides eg.
>> 	declare -x KDE_FULL_SESSION="true" 
>> which can be used to detect if we are in a running KDE session. Gnome
>> might provide similar variables.
This is a good suggestion. I may try to enhance the viewer selection in
future versions by looking at those variables also. Do you have a
pointer to this in the KDE documentation?

In the meanwhile, you can still select your prefered viewer in your
local configuration file.

> For Manuel: This is the texdoc version as shipped on the DVD, not that
> fixes you put it after release.
Ok. I can provide you with a patch against 0.47 so that gnome-open etc
come at the end of the list, which is done in current versions of texdoc.
Or you can update texdoc from current TL. Or whatever you suggest.


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