[texdoc] Texdoc update

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Thu Apr 9 00:56:25 CEST 2009


I just pushed a newer version of texdoc to TL. As usual, it will be in tlmgr
updates from your local mirror in a few days. (Announced to the texlive list
too, but answers and possible discussions should go to the texdoc list.)

It is a rather minor update. Changes include:

- Search is now case-insensitive (on all platforms).
- Files without extensions (eg README) are now displayed correctly on windows
(thanks to Philip Taylor).
- Renamed noise_level to verbosity_level, -v to -V and -n to -V.
- Added new debug levels and options.
- Better error checking and report while reading config files.
- A convenient way of running from svn (see http://tug.org/texdoc/svn.html).

I'll now turn on more important changes to the alias mechanism, the search
routine and result sorting. The main ideas here are:

- New 'addalias' directive, such that 'addalias foo=bar' will add the results
concerning 'bar' to the usual results with 'foo', not replace them. Maybe with a
priority option.
- Auto-add aliases dynamically, eg texdoc <name> will search for <name>-doc,
<name>.1 (man page), etc. May be implemented as a wildcard version of 'addalias'
or a separate directive.
- Use heuristics and priority component in the above directives to sort the
results. Such heuristics may include: foo/foo.pdf wins over anything/foo.pdf and
perhaps some others, or whether <name> matched as a subword (eg foo-doc.pdf) or
just a random substring (eg foolish.pdf).

Suggestions welcome on those points or related ideas.


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