[tex4ht] Bad interaction with bookmark.sty

Francis Wright f.j.wright at live.co.uk
Fri Mar 12 18:21:45 CET 2021

Using the latest version of bookmark.sty with TeX4ht causes a floating point exception every time t4ht runs dvipng. (Fortunately, the exception occurs after dvipng has generated each image file and the images are all correct.)

A minimal LaTeX example file, dvipng-bug.tex, that illustrates the problem is this:

\[ \int_0^\infty e^{-\frac{x^2}2} dx \]

When I use the latest TeX Live (from ctan.org) and compile this file using

htlatex dvipng-bug

the run ends with

Entering dvipng-bug.lg
System call: dvipng -q -T tight -D 144 -bg Transparent -pp 2:2 dvipng-bug.idv -o dvipng-bug0x.png >/dev/null
sh: line 1:   958 Floating point exception(core dumped) dvipng -q -T tight -D 144 -bg Transparent -pp 2:2 dvipng-bug.idv -o dvipng-bug0x.png > /dev/null
--- Warning --- System return: 34816

This run used tex4ht.sty version 2021-01-2 and bookmark.sty version 2020-11-06 v1.29. If I instead use bookmark.sty version 2019/12/03 v1.28 the exception does not occur.

Best wishes, Francis
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