[tex4ht] spaces in math

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 13:30:10 CET 2021

Dear Tomáš,

the "~" character produces different outputs depending on whether it
is used in math or not. You can try  the following configuration that
doesn't make any checks:


\Configure{ }{\csname :nbsp\endcsname}

It may produce new errors in your real document, but it seems to work
with the test file you provided.

Best regards,

On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 10:25 PM Tomas Davidek <Tomas.Davidek at cern.ch> wrote:
> Dear all,
>      I noticed a strange feature. Sometimes, the math spacing does not
> work well. A typical case
> =====
> \newcommand{\mev}{\ifmmode \mathrm{MeV}\else MeV\fi}
> Svislými čarami jsou označeny dopplerovské meze $E_1 = (53{,}6\pm
> 2{,}8)~\mev$.
> =====
> Of course in pdflatex everything works well, but in some cases the
> tex4ht results in no space between the number and the unit. I very often
> use the form $X = 88~\mev$. In most cases the expression is translated
> correctly to HTML, but sometimes it fails.
> I picked some cases from my large document and entered affected
> sentences in the attached document. If I compile it now with make4ht,
> everything displays correctly.
> Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong and how to systematically
> avoid this kind of problem, please? Of course it may help to
> systematically write $X = 88\ \mev$ or $X = 8$~{\mev}, but this would
> requite quite a lot of manual work....
> Thanks a lot for any hint.
> Cheers,
>                     Tomas

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