[tex4ht] converting all displaymath to images with make4ht

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 16:16:37 CET 2021

Hi Benjamin,

>I'm trying to make an ePub (v2) out of a LaTeX manuscript, so I've been
>using make4ht to convert to HTML and save all math as images. (MathML
>doesn't work in ePub v2.)

You can also try tex4ebook. It converts to ePub directly. It is based on 
make4ht, but it also saves some metadata and TOC.

>I found the pic-* options for creating images at http://cvr.cc/?p=504 but I
>can't find one that works for all displaymath. make4ht only converts some
>of the math to images and leaves some as text.
>Sample equation:
>\[ \sum\displaylimits_{i=1}^{3} \sum\displaylimits_{j =1}^{3} p\left(F_{i}
>, E_{j}\right) = 1 \] For this equation, make4ht only converts the parts
>inside the parentheses into images, and the rest remains as text. But if I
>put the same equation in an align* and use make4ht "pic-align" then the
>entire equation is rendered as one image. I've tried every pic- option
>listed at http://cvr.cc/?p=504 but none of them will render the entire
>bracketed equation as one image. Am I missing something? Do I just need to
>redo the equations to use a different math environment?

Display math is converted to pictures by default, without need to use 
pic-{something}. For example the following example converts to picture 
with make4ht without any options:

\[ \sum\displaylimits_{i=1}^{3} \sum\displaylimits_{j =1}^{3} p\left(F_{i} , E_{j}\right) = 1 \]

It is possible that you use some package that changes the default 
behavior. Could you please post a full MWE?

Best regards,

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