[tex4ht] underline math does not work in tex4ht when in mathjax mode

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Apr 7 04:00:55 CEST 2019

On 4/6/2019 8:30 PM, William F Hammond wrote:
> I think it's reasonable that MathJax would never want to apply a
> text-decoration like "underline" to mathematical content except possibly a
> single symbol.  But I think that border-bottom would make sense for a
> <span> in text that contains math (so outside the domain where MathJax
> operates).
> I'm neutral on whether this might lead to a viable change in tex4ht.
> In the cited MWE each of the two \underline commands generates in tex4ht
> "<span class="underline"> and that (outside the scope of MathJax) is tied
> to the text-decoration "underline".  Instead for the span with math one can
> change the class attribute from "underline" to, say, "uline", and for that
> class use the CSS property border-bottom instead of text-decoration, e.g.,
>           span.uline {border-bottom: 0.2ex solid black;}
>       -- Bill

This sounds like a good solution. I do not know if those in the know-how
could implement this in ex4ht if it not too hard.

I also do not know if I could do what you described using some configuration
in my .cfg.

I use underline quite a bit now, to highlight some small result here and there
in the text and most of it has math in it.

I find underline better than using boxed or bold font to make something
easier to spot.

So this is a useful thing to have in mathjax generated HTML
just like it works in pdf.


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