[tex4ht] problem with mathjax

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sat Jan 19 06:16:52 CET 2019

Hello experts;

The following MWE, from old code, does not work when
compiling in mathjax mode


vector $\mathbf{\tau}$ as
\mathbf{+\cdots+b}_{N}\ {\tau}_{N}%

Using make4ht foo.tex "htm,mathjax"

But compiles OK in svg or default png

Using make4ht foo.tex "htm"

I thought it was \mathbf, but when I changed it to

\boldsymbol{+\cdots+b}_{N}\ {\tau}_{N}%

it still did not compile right. Strange since both versions compile OK
in latex and other modes.

Here is screen shot


Any suggestion what why mathjax does not like the above?


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