[tex4ht] tex4ht web in Google

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 17 23:50:41 CET 2019

    understand why it isn't included when I search just for "tex4ht" with
    no other keywords.

Yes, I get that result too. Yes, it is strange.  I know of no way to
determine why search results are what they are.

Independent of search results, it would be good to keep the wikipedia
page up to date, in a general way (that does not require ongoing
maintenance). Can you make a pass over it with your recent-ish changes
in mind?

I've just changed mn.html to have an actual link to
tug.org/tex4ht. Maybe that will help. I'd make it redirect, but there
are lots of links to mn.html#something throughout the pages, and it
seems painful to break them.

Maybe you could also link to tug.org/tex4ht from various places in your
documentation, blogs, wherever? E.g.,
which I see is another top search result.

The general problem of updating Eitan's documentation remains :(. -k

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