[tex4ht] Conversion to ODT missing several features

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 15:57:54 CET 2019

Hi Paulo,

> If you look at the results there are a few issues:
> 1. Strange image artifacts at beginning of document;
> 2. No colors
> 3. Chapter heading lacking proper formatting
> Also, I noticed a few issues on the command line:
> Execute script `test.lg'

> I couldn't find much documentation on oolatex part specifically. Is
> there anything out there maybe explaining how to improve the conversion?

thanks for your interest in tex4ht. For the ODT conversion, it is
recommended to use

   make4ht -f odt test.tex

This command fix some issues with oolatex, most importantly the issues
with Xtpipes, that you seems to experience.

I can see some issues:

- missing tex4ht support for the ḿathabx package and the fonts. It
seems that the package has wrong PFB files, they contain incorrect
glyph names so it is not possible to automatically generate tex4ht
support files. This causes wrong translation of the < and > characters
in the title. As a temporary fix, I would disable loading of the
mathabx package with tex4ht. Something like


- the commands for code listings will need to be configured, in order
to get correct colors and to get correct vertical spacing. Your test
file has huge preamble. As I understand, it is automatically
generated. Is it possible to put the command definitions in a custom
.sty file? That would enable us to write custom configurations for

- I am not sure whether margin notes are even possible to support in
the ODT format. It may be necessary to use footnotes instead.

- The chapter formatting seems OK to me.

Best regards,

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