[tex4ht] Epub index entries with umlauts (and other special characters)

"Jürgen Hubert" jhubert at gmx.de
Wed Sep 19 17:10:00 CEST 2018

> Von: "Michal Hoftich" <michal.h21 at gmail.com>

> Hello Jürgen,
> > So... what am I still doing wrong?
> The issue is of course with the diacritics. The text used in the index
> entry is used in command definition used for cross-referencing.
> Because you use TeX commands for diacritics (like \"o), it produces an
> error. It works with direct Unicode characters (ö), so easiest
> solution is to use Unicode. And Unicode engine, preferably LuaTeX:
> tex4ebook -lm index -c myconfig.cfg -e mybuild.mk4 Test2.tex
> should work.

It did work - thanks! I've implemented it in my actual ebook file (not just the test file):


For comparison, here is the PDF version:


Best regards,

- Jürgen

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