[tex4ht] Epub index entries with umlauts (and other special characters)

"Jürgen Hubert" jhubert at gmx.de
Wed Sep 19 11:08:50 CEST 2018

Thanks for the help with getting a hyperlinked index in epub files! After some further discussions on the TeX Stack Exchange I was able to figure out a solution. The problem was that xindy-lisp.exe cannot cope with Umlauts in file names - you can read the details here, if you are interested:


However, umlauts continue to bedevil me when making index entries. I have once again generated a sample tex file for showcasing the problem:


When I compile it with pdflatex + MakeIndex in MiKTeX, the index is created properly without any problems:


However, when I try to compile it with the usual command:

tex4ebook -m index -c myconfig.cfg -e mybuild.mk4 Test2.tex

using the same myconfig.cfg and mybuild.mk4 as last time:


the compiling process produces all sorts of error messages apparently centered on the entries with umlauts:

! Missing \endcsname inserted.
<to be read again> 
l.9   \item \idxkeyword{Riesending-Schachth\"ohle}
                                                  , \idxlocator{1}

You can see the logfile here:


So... what am I still doing wrong?

Best regards,

- Jürgen Hubert

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