[tex4ht] tex4ebook and imakeidx - no hyperlinked index

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 21:11:03 CEST 2018

> Thanks for the advice.
> However, I am using MiKTeX on a Windows 10 machine (using cygwin for the occasional Linux commands), and the installation instructions don't seem to work using either the Windows command terminal or cygwin (neither finds a "TEXMFHOME" directory, and they cannot use the "git" command either). Attempting some kind of workaround has caused me to accidentally break my MiKTeX installation, which took me all of four days to fix again.
> So... before I break it _again_, I thought I'd ask if anyone here as any experience with installing bundles like this to MiKTeX. ;)

I am sorry about what happened. I don't have access to a Windows
machine and don't use Miktex, so I cannot investigate what happened.
You can just use the indexing4ht.sty [1]  and indexing4ht.4ht [2]
files without installing anywhere, just put them to the same directory
as your TeX file.

Best regards,

[1] https://github.com/michal-h21/helpers4ht/blob/master/indexing4ht.sty
[2] https://github.com/michal-h21/helpers4ht/blob/master/indexing4ht.4ht

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