[tex4ht] what is the fastest way to convert large document to HTML?

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 13:53:49 CEST 2018

> It might be a linux shell piping issue, since your are second large
> number of file using >  destination file I noticed.
> I made sure the input latex file I gave it try_1.tex is not too
> large, so not to run into the dvisvgm overflow problem. This file
> has only 1,000 pages and may be 5,000 equations.

I've made a new version of dvisvgm-hashes.lua. It compresses
consecutive page ranges, so it shouldn't crate such long page lists.
Moreover, if GNU Make is available on the system, it makes a Makefile,
which calls dvisvgm only on subset of pages (64 by default) and it
calls it in parallel (thanks to Reinhard for this idea). It should
speed up the compilation in theory, although I am not sure from my
tests that it really works in practise.

> When I tried it on a really small file, it worked.  _BUT_ and
> this is a big _BUT_, some of the math generated looks really
> bad but some look like normal SVG. Here is screen shot
> https://www.12000.org/tmp/08182018/image.png
> Looking at the HTML, it seems some math was not really
> converted to SVG at all, while other was.

I can see it. I am not sure what is the issue, maybe Martin know? The
call to dvisvgm is in the form:

dvisvgm -v 4 -n --exact -c 1.15,1.15 -p 1-5 filename.idv 2> filename.dlog

> --------------------------------
> <td
> class="align-label">
> </td></tr><tr><td
> class="align-odd"><span
> class="cmex-10x-x-109">∫</span>
>    <span
> class="cmr-10x-x-109">d</span><span
> class="cmmi-10x-x-109">y</span></td>
> --------------------------
> What is the above doing in the HTML? Should it not be an image?

You are missing the `pic-align` option I think.

Best regards,
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