[tex4ht] DVI error: page count in postamble doesn't match actual number of pages

Martin Gieseking martin.gieseking at uos.de
Sat Aug 18 15:21:08 CEST 2018

Am 18.08.2018 um 11:03 schrieb Nasser M. Abbasi:
>> The reason for the mentioned error is a limitation of the DVI format.
>> The field in the postamble holding the total number of pages is a 16-bit
>> value, i.e. if the document consists of more than 65535 pages, there's a
>> number overflow resulting in a mismatch between this value and the
>> actual number of pages.
>> Fortunately, the value in the postamble has no impact on other data in
>> the DVI file so that I can replace the plausibility check by just
>> comparing the lower 16 bits of the page count. I tried that with your
>> IDV file and it worked properly.
> Thanks Martin. So basically you are saying one can ignore this error.
> This is good.

Hello Nasser,

no, ignoring the error doesn't work here, unfortunately, because it 
terminates dvisvgm so that no SVG output is created. The current version 
of dvisvgm doesn't support DVI files containing more than 65535 pages. 
I've modified the code already which will remove this restriction as of 
the next release.


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