[tex4ht] \usepackage{niceverb} conflicts with tex4ht

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 17:21:18 CET 2018

> This made think of some idea: It will be nice if we
> can have place on the internet, which has the current
> "official" unmodified texlive installation running, where
> one can go to web page, and paste a file and compile it
> there.

Doesn't Overleaf use the relative up to date TL? It is possible to run
tex4ht here. See my comment on the following page:


Another possibility is Travis CI, which has been successfully used for
tex4ht testing in the past.

The dedicated server would be nice, but it would be quite hard to keep
it safe, I think that not long ago someone demonstrated computer
compromising using LaTeX file even without -shell-escape option used.
But if someone is willing to create a such tool, I would be happy :)

> This eliminates any issue where one could have
> possibly changed a local installation file on their
> system and forgot about it.  For example, I just changed
> lm-ts1.htf. I remember changing some other files to
> fix known problems such as fix algorithm2e.sty so
> that lualatex can use and many another.
> It is also eliminates possibility of some one installing
> some package manually and not part of texlive.
> So this official installation web site can be used
> to test a file on it to make sure one can reproduce
> the error on it.

Sure, not speaking of development version of my packages scattered
around the local TEXMF tree.

> I am not going to use this package any way now. niceverb
> package is not even part of miktex. I was just
> trying the solution posted, but it causes more
> problems than it is worth it.

That sounds reasonable.

Best regards,

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