[tex4ht] superscript with tex4ht

Alexandre Roberts alexandre.roberts at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 08:25:55 CET 2018

Dear all,

I am trying to convert an article from tex to Word format. In my field, it
is conventional to cite medieval manuscripts with references to folio
numbers followed by a superscript "r" (recto) or "v" (verso) to indicate
which side of the folio is being referenced.

When I have `\textsuperscript{r}` in my document, tex4ht produces output
that elevates the "r" not by using Word's "superscript" feature (Format >
Font... > Effects > Superscript). Instead it seems to decrease the font
size manually (from 12pt to 9.5pt) and elevate it some other way. (Example
input and output attached.) The result is unfortunate, because this
elevated "r" disrupts the document's overall line spacing. I am also
concerned that the publisher's software won't know what to do with it, so
that it will continue to look bad.

Is there some way to direct tex4ht to convert `\textsuperscript{...}` to
Word's "Superscript" formatting?

Thank you!

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