[tex4ht] two versions of unicode.4ht

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Aug 3 20:33:20 CEST 2016


> Quoting Ulrike Fischer (2016-08-03 18:02:41)
>> > There is quite a lot of unicode.4hf versions generated from
>> > tex4ht-fonts-4hf.tex:
>> Yes I know. I'm not wondering about this.
>> But why do I have two in the iso8859/1/charset folder?
>> Only "iso8859/1" has a "uni" subfolder in the charset folder with an
>> additional unicode.4ht.
>> E.g. compare in your list iso88859/1 with iso8859/2:
>> 2 versions here:
>> > tex4ht.dir/texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/iso8859/2/charset/unicode.4hf
>> > tex4ht.dir/texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/iso8859/2/html/charset/unicode.4hf
>> but 3 versions here:
>> > tex4ht.dir/texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/iso8859/1/charset/uni/unicode.4hf
>>                                                      ^^^ odd
>> > tex4ht.dir/texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/iso8859/1/charset/unicode.4hf
>> > tex4ht.dir/texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/iso8859/1/html/charset/unicode.4hf

> I don't really understand how tex4ht selects unicode.4hf files. On my
> machine, it always selects the one in charset subdir, I don't even know
> how it is possible to select one in another subdir. Surely with
> tex4ht.env edit.

Well the general principle easy.

In the env-file there are blocks e.g.


and with the -c option you are chosing such a block. -cunihtf will use
the <unihtf> block, and -csymhtf the <unihtf> block.
The <default> block seem to be the fallback.

The problem are the finer details, miktex seems to need two subfolder
levels, while texlive seems to look only in the next subfolder.

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