[tex4ht] A possible bug with Biblatex

Guido Milanese guido.milanese at unicatt.it
Wed Jun 29 12:46:07 CEST 2016

I know that this question is not ritual because I do not offer a minimal 
example, but at the moment I have not been able to identify the source 
of the problem and therefore to produce a MWE.

Most of the labels of the bibliography entries in my databases are in 
this form:


Suddenly, compiling a file with tex4ht (for LibreOffice, therefore 
oolatex) produced this error: during compilation, all the labels where 
altered to the form:


and therefore biber could not find them (biber version: 2.4). I tried to 
edit the bcf file manually and to run again oolatex but I did not 
succeed. Also deleting all the ancillary files was of no use. No problem 
for label not featuring a colon (':').

If some kind soul has an idea of the possible reason of the problem 
thanks, otherwise I'll try to isolate the problem and to produce a MWE.

Thank you for your kind attention,

Guido Milanese
Professor of Classics, Docteur HC Paris ICP

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