[tex4ht] [bug #307] make4ht removes spaces in \href in LUA mode when using mathdesign package

Deimantas Galcius deimi at vtex.lt
Fri Jun 10 07:55:47 CEST 2016

> third: it is not surprising that pdf(la)tex and lua(la)tex would find
> different fonts.  i've never understood lualatex font lookup, and can't
> help there.  furthermore, the actions taken by the two engines after a
> font is found are different.

it appears that latex and dvilualatex take different actions on virtual fonts.
latex compiler does not read vf files (virtual fonts management is left to dvi driver),
while dvilualatex compiler reads vf files and expands them.

kpsepath debug log from latex run:

kdebug:fopen(/usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/fonts/tfm/public/mathdesign/mdbch/mdbchr8t.tfm, rb) => 0x299cbb0

kpsepath debug log dvilualatex run:

kdebug:fopen(/usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/fonts/tfm/public/mathdesign/mdbch/mdbchr8t.tfm, rb) => 0x436ab60
kdebug:fclose(0x436ab60) => 0
kdebug:fopen(/usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/fonts/vf/public/mathdesign/mdbch/mdbchr8t.vf, rb) => 0x4379e10
kdebug:fclose(0x4379e10) => 0
kdebug:fopen(/usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/fonts/tfm/public/mathdesign/mdbch/md-chr8y.tfm, rb) => 0x437a370
kdebug:fclose(0x437a370) => 0
kdebug:fopen(/usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/fonts/tfm/public/mathdesign/mdbch/md-chr8t.tfm, rb) => 0x436be80

kpsepath debug log from dvips run on file produced by latex:

kdebug:fopen(/usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/fonts/vf/public/mathdesign/mdbch/mdbchr8t.vf, rb) => 0x210ea00
kdebug:fopen(/usr/local/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/fonts/tfm/public/mathdesign/mdbch/md-chr8y.tfm, rb) => 0x211fb70

mdbchr8t.vf maps to md-chr8y.tfm and md-chr8t.tfm:
    (FONTNAME md-chr8y)
    (FONTCHECKSUM O 11370565725)
    (FONTAT R 1.0)
    (FONTDSIZE R 10.0)
    (FONTNAME md-chr8t)
    (FONTCHECKSUM O 12501363516)
    (FONTAT R 1.0)
    (FONTDSIZE R 9.962616)

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