[tex4ht] [bug #307] make4ht removes spaces in \href in LUA mode when using mathdesign package

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue May 31 01:25:29 CEST 2016

Follow-up Comment #2, bug #307 (project tex4ht):

first: use of dvi's w vs. right commands is not related to kerns
vs. glue.  the two are equivalent.  w is simply more efficient (it
reuses the given value instead of repeating it).

second: what dvi command is used, and/or whether kerns or glue are in
use at the tex level (interword space can't be a kern item, anyway), is
not up to the font.  the engine determines this.  luatex implements dvi
output differently than the rest.  for example, take this one-line plain
tex file:
  \nopagenumbers x y z.\end
run through tex foo.tex && dvitype foo.dvi >/tmp/pl.typ, compare to
luatex --output-format=dvi foo.tex && dvitype foo.dvi >/lu.typ.
You'll see that luatex does uses dvi "right" commands
where the original tex uses "w" commands, even with CMR.
Neither is wrong.

third: it is not surprising that pdf(la)tex and lua(la)tex would find
different fonts.  i've never understood lualatex font lookup, and can't
help there.  furthermore, the actions taken by the two engines after a
font is found are different.  so little can be said there.
fourth: neverthless, what is true is that part of the definition of a
(tex) math font is that the interword space parameter (\fontdimen2) is
set to zero.  (that parameter is for text setting, and math spacing is
totally different.)

therefore, my wild guess is that whatever font is being found by
lualatex as a result of lualatex+tex4ht interpreting

is, at some level, a math font.  I cannot guess whether it's an issue
with the wrong font being found by lualatex, or tex4ht wrongly
considering the font a math font, or a bug in tex4ht's .htf file, or
... something else entirely ...


p.s. please ignore, completely unrelated to tex4ht, just testing out a
feature of puszcza's ticket system:

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