[tex4ht] consolidating all tex4ht configuration files into one standard file?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed May 4 00:59:26 CEST 2016

Hi Nasser - I don't understand.  Different configuration files seem
desirable to me; it's the standard thing to do ... system-level,
user-level, document-level ... I hope things get overridden reasonably,
though I can't say I know what the override rules actually are.

For document interchange, it seems like what's needed is something that
combines all the used config settings into one file (that is
autogenerated).  I can understand the use for that.

A library of "modular" config settings is something else yet again
(which sounds good).  For that we'd need more config files
(directories), not fewer.

Implementation of anything like this?  I'm afraid I wouldn't know where
to start.

The interaction between Michal's new make4ht that you are using and the
conventional scripts from Eitan has never been clear to me.

IMHO, what we need more than anything else is comprehensible and
comprehensive documentation of what to *do* in config files.
(Not to mention fixing the core code so fewer config file "fixes" are

Thanks for the idea, in any case,

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