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William F Hammond gellmu at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 01:15:50 CEST 2016

Kaveh writes:

> On 1 April 2016 at 18:15, William F Hammond <hammond at csc.albany.edu>
> wrote:
>> That /someone/ could be well-served by creating a suitable
>> LaTeX profile for his or her writing.  For more on my
>> ideas about LaTeX profiles, see
>> http://www.albany.edu/~hammond/presentations/Tug2010/
> . . .  *all* river-valley.tv have been deliberately broken, including
> those published in TUGBoat. The good news is that all videos are alive and
> have been laboriously migrated to a new site. So your talk is now here:
> http://river-valley.zeeba.tv/latex-profiles-as-objects-in-the-%E2%80%9Ccategory%E2%80%9D-of-markup-languages/
Oh!  Thanks.  I think I've now fixed the highest level links in my
University web site, but alas there are others now beyond my control,
including one in the abstract at zeeba.tv for my Tug 2010 talk referencing
the video for my Tug 2007 talk and some that were published in Tugboat.

> I am still working hard to notify sites that have the broken links but it
> is a thankless task. There are 1000s! Kindly update your page.
Yes, indeed.  I believe that more than once Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of
the World Wide Web expressed the idea that URLs should be perpetually
durable.  (Of course, there is ephemeral content for which that makes no
sense, but the TUG videos should have durable URLs.)  Is there no way the
old URLs can be restored?

Again, thanks for helping me to find the videos of my talks.

          -- Bill

William F Hammond
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