[tex4ht] [bug #276] avoid multiple runs of latex

Hans Georg Schaathun georg+tex at schaathun.net
Thu Mar 31 10:17:46 CEST 2016

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 07:04:14AM -0700, William F Hammond wrote:
> I'm wondering whether, rather than deciding in advance how many latex runs
> are needed, it would be sufficient simply for each latex run to search the
> latex log file for
> ' Rerun to get '

I have actually seen people doing exactly that as part of a Makefile
setup (using Bourne shell).  Personally, I never copied that setup.
It is a bit odd that I did not, since I do not doubt that it worked, 
and I usually do not mind a little bit of chewing gum and tape in my 
config :-)

I cannot remember where I saw it.  It has been at least a decade.

;-- George

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