[tex4ht] just forked svn repo to github repo, first time contributor to the project

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Feb 20 01:17:45 CET 2016

Hi Jason,

    made a few changes to normalize spacing 

I don't know what "normalize spacing" means, but if you're talking about
removing trailing whitespace or collapsing whitespace, it is not clear
to me that it's really worth massive changes for such cosmetic issues at
this time.  Virtually every single source file has cosmetic problems of
one kind of another.  That was not Eitan's forte.  I guess there's no
harm, but I've tried to only touch things when something functional is
actually being changed.

Fixes to functionality are of course (very) gratefully received.

    my attempting to use mk4ht to convert my latex resume to
    opendocument format, which wasn't working for me properly yet.

I'm not surprised.  Thanks for getting as far as making a copy of the
sources.  That's more than nearly anyone else has ever done!

    I mention my git repo above.

Thanks, but I cannot guess what to do (or if I want to do it) just based
on a pile of files in git.  If there are changes you'd like me to
consider merging upstream, please send a diff (to here), ok?

Happy hacking,

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