[tex4ht] Including vector graphics (graphicx and PDF files)

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 17:40:43 CET 2016

Dear Hans,

> How do I employ the hej.cfg file?
> I thought such config files would be included in the first list
> of options on the command line, like this:
>   htlatex  graphics.tex "xhtml,2,hej,mathml,charset=utf-8" \
>      "-cmozhtf -utf8" "-cvalidate"
> However, this command still produces a PNG file which is used
> in the <img> element in HTML.  Where did I err?

It should be

htlatex  graphics.tex "hej,2,mathml,charset=utf-8" \
      "-cmozhtf -utf8" "-cvalidate"


make4ht -uc hej.cfg graphics.tex "2,mathml" "" " -cvalidate"

> BTW.  What is the purpose of
>   \DeclareGraphicsRule{.svg}{bmp}{.xbb}{}
> in the config?

It declares to use a .xbb file for determining the image dimensions
when image is included without dimension hint (ie.
\includegraphics{plot}). In your example, where you use explicit
dimensions it is not so important, but I think it is useful in

The .xbb file can be created using

    ebb -x image

command. Note that not every image format is supported.


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