[tex4ht] erorr code 256, possible perl error code, come up with using --lua option with make4ht, error --- Improper dvi file

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Dec 6 23:55:04 CET 2015

On 12/6/2015 4:18 PM, William F Hammond wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 11:13 AM, Nasser M. Abbasi <nma at 12000.org> wrote:
>> I found one way to reproduce the error very easily by making
>> one change in the Matlab code in the listing inside the Latex
>> file. So this seems to be an encoding issue.
> Do you mean an issue with the text encoding in input files?
> If so, I would point out that all of the *.tex and *.sty look ASCII to me
> except for mcode.sty (the copy I found online), which introduces § (U+00A7)
> as "math escape" (a matlab thing, I guess).  The mcode.sty I found online
> is Latin-1 encoded.  I did check that (with make4ht -lua) changing
> mcode.sty to UTF-8 did not seem to provide a fix.  But I haven't tried to
> understand how the matlab stuff is imported or find where the mcode math
> escape might be used.
>                -- Bill

The simplified version of KERNEL.tex, does not use mcode.sty now.

Here it is again:

\usepackage{ae,aecompl}%conflict here !
    ... matlab code...

The Matlab code is just plain tex, copied and pasted inside
the latex file. It has no strange characters. all plain text.


The invalid dvi file is generated only when using \usepackage{ae,aecompl}
and --lua option at the same time using this command:

make4ht -u --lua -c ./nma.cfg -e ./main.mk4 KERNEL.tex

Also when using dvilualatex command directly as per last mail
I send to the mailing list.

It is strange, that making some random changes to the Matlab
listing code, can remove the problem or bring it back as I mentioned


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