[tex4ht] erorr code 256, possible perl error code, come up with using --lua option with make4ht, error --- Improper dvi file

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Wed Dec 2 23:10:14 CET 2015

On 12/2/2015 3:57 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
> The only way I can imagine a corrupt DVI file being created is if TeX is
> interrupted in the middle of the run.
> If one of you can send me the file that is being given to tex and the
> invocation of tex with all cmdline arguments, we could at least confirm
> it is not some kind of strangeness in tex itself.
>      That doesn't seem like something we can detect automatically.
> You could run dvitype to detect a bad dvi file, but the question is, how
> to proceed when the file is invalid?  Can't imagine ...

Hello Karl;

Thanks for the dvitype command. I did not know about it. Here is
the result:

>ls -l KERNEL.dvi
      4483984 Dec  1 20:39 KERNEL.dvi

>dvitype KERNEL.dvi

This is DVItype, Version 3.6 (TeX Live 2015)
Options selected:
   Starting page = *
   Maximum number of pages = 1000000
   Output level = 4 (the works)
   Resolution = 300.00000000 pixels per inch
magnification=1000;       0.00006334 pixels per DVI unit
' LuaTeX output 2015.12.01:2035'
Bad DVI file: byte 4466941 is not post!

As I mentioned in earlier email to the group, this happens
when running make4ht with --lua option only. And it only happens
on very large latex files that I have. (so far, it shows up
on 2 files I have in my Latex tree).

In the last email, I put instructions how to reproduce the issue.
Here the link to that email fyi:


It is not possible to make a MWE, since the problem
only shows up on very large latex compilation with
lots of math and images. No issue when using small latex

Would any one know what

      Bad DVI file: byte 4466941 is not post!

mean? May be this can give a clue.

I am using TL 2015, Linux lint. 64 bit.


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