[tex4ht] SVG figures cause font styling to be lost

Bob Plantz plantz at ieee.org
Sun May 31 23:14:35 CEST 2015

I use Dwight Aplevich's circuits macros to create drawings, which produces
.tex files. htlatex creates great svg files for the drawings. However,
after the first such drawing, all font styling (bold, italic, etc.) is lost.

I have traced the problem to a switch from <span> to <tspan> in the html
code at the point of the first use of svg. Is there a workaround for this

I have attached an example. I'm using texlive 2014 in Ubuntu 15.04. The
attached example can be expanded with
      tar xvfz bobs_figures.tgz
      cd bobs_figures
      htlatex my_fig.tex
gives the example.

The problem still exists when I use make4ht.

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