[tex4ht] htfgen testing

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 18:05:45 CET 2015

> Wow.  Just a few general thoughts from reading the README ...
> - inevitably it will take plenty of non-automated info to get the output
> right.  So if the tools had a way to incorporate manually-created
> overrides, that seems like it could be helpful.  I'd expect there would
> be overlap between fonts, not to mention rerunning in the event of new
> releases, etc.

yeah, just today new release of newtx, which was main motivation to
create these tools,
was released on CTAN. at the moment one can edit .tsv file generated
by `tfmtotsv` and
put here correct glyph names. but in the cases when in the encoding
file normal letters are
reported while in fact these are fraktur alphabet, it may be pretty annoying :(

> - it's such a big job that I wonder if it would be worthwhile to set up
> some kind of project infrastructure -- e.g., an
> (automatically-generated) list of fonts, the helper files, the output
> files, the status, maybe who's working on it if Nasser or others can
> help, etc.  Easy to imagine a web interface to make contributing easier,
> even, if it seems worth it.

I tried to run my scripts on all tfm files in texmf tree, but it
failed because some fonts
haven't produced useful output with `tftopl` :(

some infrastructure would be nice, we can create a webapp where
one could view image of actual character and can make fulltex search for
a corresponding glyphname

> - regarding afm files, I'm somewhat doubtful that there are many
> fonts with afm's but not enc's.  It should be pretty easy to check that
> before going to the trouble of writing any code to check with afm's.

there are some of them, in fact it not that hard to parse afm files
for glyph names,
I think I already have the code somewhere (just can't find it at the moment :)

> - it doesn't really matter unless we want to start distributing this,
> but "lsenc" seems a bit generic.  Most encodings have nothing to do with
> TeX (audio, video, etc.).  "lstexenc" would be preferable if it goes
> public.

it seems like a good idea, thanks

Best regards,

> thanks,
> karl

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