[tex4ht] [bug #240] Images in subdirrectories not included correctly in the ODT output

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 09:05:33 CET 2015

Hi Karl,

2015-01-15 19:53 GMT+01:00 Karl Berry <puszcza-hackers at gnu.org.ua>:
> Follow-up Comment #1, bug #240 (project tex4ht):
> hi michal - sounds great. my only comment is, why the Pictures/ subdirectory
> in the first place?  seems like that name should be configurable as well.

it seems that name 'Pictures' is not part of Open Document format, but
it is usually name that, at least in document I've seen.

> regarding tex4ht.env, this is a different topic, but do we really have to have
> different .env's for unix and windows?  as i recall, one of my tex live
> colleagues insisted on this many years ago for the sake of some very small
> difference.  unfortunately, diffs don't show anything obvious.

I think the difference is in some commands, like `cp` and `mv` vs.
`move` and `copy`.

> anyway, the near-total redundancy (even in tex4ht-env.tex!) is awful. at the
> very least, the windows .env should just somehow include the unix one and then
> override anything that is needed.
> wdyt?

I think that this would need to modify the source code of `t4ht`
command. This code and code of `tex4ht` command seems even cryptic
than sources of `.4ht` files, maybe because I don't know `c` language

Maybe `tex4ht-env.tex` could be edited to produce some template like
(just a dummy sample):

.html {{cp}} {{src-file}} {{dest-dir}}

and then different versions with some templating engine such as
`Mustache` could be produced.

Other possibility is the one I use in make4ht, where I try to bypass
t4ht and process instructions in the `.lg` file with Lua. tex4ebook
uses this approach and work which it does is similar to the work
needed to create the `.odt` file.

> thanks,
> k


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