[tex4ht] tex4ht vs pgf

Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 19:58:45 CEST 2014

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 10:39 AM, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:

>     texmf-dist/tex/generic/pgf/systemlayer/pgfsys-tex4ht.def
>     [...]
>     \def\pgfsys at svg@newline{\Hnewline}
> Peter, Victor (and all) - thanks for the debugging efforts.
> This file is part of pgf, not part of tex4ht.  So it seems the bug
> should be redirected to the pgf side.
> If the pgf maintainers want/need some change in tex4ht, we can discuss.
> (For what it's worth, \Hnewline is used all over tex4ht.)
> Best,
> Karl
Methinks you are correct: when I temporarily installed in "private" tree
pgf 2.1 the error had gone. It looks like the problem is with pgf 3.0 (I
installed it in the late December)


Victor Ivrii
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