[tex4ht] [bug #181] Hyperref's nolinkurl not correctly handled by tex4ht when biblatex is present

William F Hammond hammond at csc.albany.edu
Mon Mar 25 00:09:19 CET 2013

>     > \href{https://www.tug.org/tex4ht}{\nolinkurl{tex4ht}}?
>     Yes, for those cases where one wants a link with a visible url
>     representing the link but the author just wants to display a url
>     that is not identical (usually not quite identical) to the actual
>     url.
> OK. I understand. This is the rationale for the bug posting. Will try to fix
> the problem in TeX4ht behavior.

I should think that for basic html output one simply wants
\nolinkurl{foo} -> <kbd>foo</kbd> 

                                    -- Bill

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