[tex4ht] TeX4ht upgrading: doesn't work

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What is the functional specification for tex4ht? Can it survive in its current form?

This is a good example of one concern that I have (and probably you as well): the long-term viability of a system built on custom non-standard specifications by hundreds if not thousands of persons each doing boutique independent installation and development is simply not clear. Will LaTeX survive? LaTeX3 is going to possibly fix this, but I am totally confused by it (since I haven't really looked into it, it might be less confusing if I did).
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    here are the instructions to upgrade tex4ht (http://tug.org/applications/tex4ht/mn-upgrade.html).

Which Eitan wrote years ago, and it's not been touched since.  I guess I
better eradicate that page.  Advising people to replace anything in
/usr/bin is a terrible idea.  I have no specific idea why it fails, but
I am not at all surprised it does, since it's replacing the
distro-built binaries with others.

In any event, tex4ht has not seen a full update since Eitan died.  (I
should probably delete that .zip file too.)  CVR and I are still hoping
that will happen at some point, but there is no ETA.  Meanwhile, some of
the *.4ht, etc., files have been updated by CVR and you can get the
current versions from TeX Live.  There have been no other substantive

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